<DataMule> is a darkweb/blackmarket data visualisation tool

<DataMule> is a personal project of mine with the aim to flex/practice my skills as a developer while providing a clearnet tool for those interested in the numbers and trends without stepping foot in the darkweb

Alpha <DataMule> is a work in progress and as such all users should expect frequent changes

Guest posting?

Yes, while <DataMule> is the size it reports, blogs and essays will be posted through a manual process.

If you wish to post on <DataMule> get in touch with myself via Email

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Reports & Essays

<DataMule> will be a repository for reports and essays on the topic of dark market products and sales with accurate and up-to-date data

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Can I have access to the data? "Yes, I have/will make particular Data sets available to download"

Will my data collection code be made available? "Maybe, when its solid and I think its worth the eyes of the public"